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Close-up is an intimate type of performance. The artist is not on a stage, but directly in the audience, among the guests. He moves from group to group, creating an enjoyable, personalised experience. For Cyril Regard, it is the best way to create powerful emotions and involve the audience.

It used to be that magic was handed down solely from a master to his pupil. Today things are much more ‘democratic’ and many « ready-made magic tricks » are sold on line very day. This is why close-up magic is relatively common today… but it is also why you see the same tricks and the same props pretty much all the time.

After the usual self-taught school of training, Cyril Regard learned « old school » magic. Today he has several mentors, among the best in the world, who continue to teach him and create unique illusions for him.

Cyril Regard practices Close-up magic, will surprising, spectacular illusions, mot often using the props that are to hand at the time. For example, he might borrow your champagne glass for a second, and then you will see him twist its stem right in front you! As a mentalist, his ‘trick’ is often presented as a story that will reveal one of your thoughts in spectacular fashion!

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